Visually Rich Interiors.

Unique and visually rich interiors is what I know best. I am a visual story teller and a creator of the perfect ambient atmosphere.

Lena has the ability to communicate ambiance through spaces in a truly touching way. She relates to every project like Picasso creating a painting, where every little detail has a great meaning. Her enchanting persona, adaptability and understanding for what a client wants make any collaboration with her a fascinating experience.
– Founder, Enbuske Capital

Lena will make any project seem like a breeze. At times when we felt overwhelmed, her ability to find the most perfect solutions just took a weight off our shoulders and left a smile on our faces. Lena was a fantastic investment, as she prevented us from spending money where it wasn’t needed, and helped us to use our funds to create something that we could never have created by ourselves. Her fluency in English made commincation easy. Sometimes in life, you meet someone who you feel so very thankful for. Lena has helped us to create the most perfect home, with a stylish yet timeless look.
– Samantha Aamurusko, Private Client

Lena’s visual intelligence and understanding for what a client needs are attributes that make Lena a unique professional. Lena has an excellent talent in seeing the potential of any space and she is not afraid to execute even bolder ideas. Lena manages fantastically all size projects. Lena is a gorgeous and energetic persona, whom it’s always a pleasure to work with.
– Linda Fagerström, Bo Lkv

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